People Potential

CEO,  Recruiter,  Financial Planner,  Interior Designer

The Selfie revolution is upon us and firmly entrenched.  More people are stepping in front of cameras than ever before.  To understand the importance of this monumental change and it's impact you need look no further than Youtube.  Correspondingly Professionals in many different industries are learning to use  video to communicate ideas more effectively.


My process  for helping business people create better video starts in Pre-Production.  I go over talking points, attire, makeup shooting location,  the use of an acting coach and video SEO strategies.  In recent years finding a Production price point that is affordable  while still maintaining quality has gotten a bit easier as hardware costs have dropped.


Role playing in front of a camera is a great way to get comfortable with all the lights and people watching you.  Working with a Prompter, an Acting Coach, learning to take Direction, reviewing Takes all bolster your style and poise.  When the time comes to do it for real, it's a breeze.  I encourage my Clients with special pricing for these kinds of shoots.


Larger projects with longer scripts,  extra crew, additional gear gets pricey quickly.  Finding the balance between what is needed versus what is desired is my top priority.


If you are considering some Video Content for a Web Site, Social Media or a Marketing Project,  please let me share some of my ideas for a successful and fun shoot.



Jim Pembroke Vice President at HDR is a great example of someone who has practiced video skills.  Knowing how to present your ideas in front of a camera is an essential asset today.

Marjoie Burren is a great Trainer for Video, a great person and a talented Actress.  Practicing with a Coach is a good way to get up and running really fast in any Production.

Nakia Neves at Ayers/Saint/Gross does some practice work  Practicing with a Crew,  a Coach are the basis of video for today's job market.