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Mark DelSasso creates Video and Still Imaging.

Mark DelSasso

Creating the Fusion of

Photography & Video



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Mark DelSasso


Washington D.C.

Scottsdale AZ



My latest Ideas, Projects of note, Collaborations with others can be found on Twitter and my Tumblr Blog.   Click on the logos above to visit these sites.


I also send out current ideas videos via email.  If you would like to see my latest brilliant Production epiphanies, tips and tricks for shooting ordinary Folks and amazing Architectural Facilities please fill out the Contact Form below to join my MailChimp List.  Goes out about four times a year.


 While I pursue work in many areas, my main hubs are Washington DC and Scottsdale AZ.  Twenty years ago I split my business in two and moved to Arizona.   In 2009 I purchased a Horse Property and converted a portion of the Stables to my current work area in Arizona.  My base in Washington for 20 years has been Glover Park between American  University and Georgetown University in NorthWest DC.


With the assistance of many talented people I create still and moving imagery of Facilities and People.    Some of my Production shoots are more involved and require a larger crew.  Many can be done  with  just a few folks.  Almost all involve still and video capture.    Video cameras that shoot still images and still cameras that shoot amazing video footage epitomize the visual marketplace of today.    I am blessed with the skills and opportunity to create both.